creative studio

The creative studio Drimage is a place where artistic and technical research come together to create images that excite and amaze.

The totally versatile photographic style is the sum of a lot of experience in ceremonies, portraits, artistic and commercial photography.

The company is young, organized to work at its best. On time deliveries and carefulness.

Drimage is not the atelier signed by the egocentric artist, isn’t a cold multinational.

Drimage is the place may you feel home.

Lo Staff

Simona Turano


Simona Turano was born in Reggio Calabria in a carnival sunday night of 1989.
In ‘98 the national newspaper “Il piccolo missionario” publishes a poem written by her.
As a child she discovered her passion for drawing and for art in general, expanding her knowledge more and more through different courses in drawing and comics.

In 2002 wins her first drawing competition organized by the Lion’s Club titled “let’s illuminate the streets for peace”.
In 2006 graduated at the art school “Mattia Preti”. At the end of his high school, with an amount of personal production in illustration, comics, novel, proof of his constant research in the field of creativity.
In 2007 presents shes portfolio of drawings at the Cigra publisher in Milan, which will publish them for the next two years in the national circulation magazine “Decoupage Lab”.
In 2008 enters the Fine Arts Academy, where she graduated in Graphics in 2011, with a thesis entitled “Creative Thinking”.

Also in 2008 she approached the world of photography, experimenting in the composition as drawing. The same year he accidentally met his current partner, who trained her for the technical-professional part of photography, setting her to work for some photographic studios in Calabria.
In 2012 she was a finalist for the Geek Shot photo contest, organized by the Contemporary Art Gallery of Naples.
At 24 she signed his first professional contract as Food Photographer of the “Cibando” agency based in Milan and London.
In 2014 complete the training course at the Academy, earning a specialist degree in Graphics with the experimental thesis titled “And then? – Analysis of the perspectives for the students of the Fine Art Academy, looking for creative work and comparison with professionals”..
In May 2014 sets up his first personal exhibition at the “Thai Princess” in Catania.
In 2014 found the professional studio Drimage where he still works today.
At present she has told, with discretion and style, the love story of over 100 newlyweds.

Giuseppe Marino

videographer and DIT

[EN]Videografo e DIT

Giuseppe Marino nasce da una stirpe di fotografi nel Febbraio del 1982. Fin da piccolo emerge la sua passione per la tecnica fotografica.

All’età di 12 anni si cimenta con i primi esperimenti in camera oscura, dove inizia ad affinare la tecnica di sviluppo e stampa con il metodo tradizionale della fotografia a pellicola.

I suoi studi continuano e si approfondiscono per tutta la fase della sua adolescenza, seguendo numerosi corsi con professionisti del settore.

La tecnica fotografica diventa una professione vera e propria all’età di 23 anni, età in cui firma il suo primo contratto nel settore presso la Tasco Film srl, a Reggio Calabria. Offre la sua collaborazione agli studi fotografici della regione, nel periodo di transizione dalla fotografia a pellicola verso il metodo digitale.

Nel 2010 amplia la sua esperienza nell’ambito della stampa presso le case editrici, affiancando alla conoscenza della stampa fotochimica anche quella della stampa offset e digitale.

Nel 2008 incontra la sua attuale socia e compagna Simona Turano, con la quale intraprende il percorso lavorativo che l’ha condotto all’apertura dello studio Drimage.